Friday, April 24, 2009

Theres No One As Irish As Susan Boyle...

From Todays Mirror in the U.K

"Susan Boyle mania just keeps growing with the news that a song has been written in her honour.
Corrigan Brothers, who penned There’s No-one As Irish As Barack Obama - which was played at the US President's inauguration party - have repeated the trick for the Britain's Got Talent star.
They've recorded There’s No-one As Irish As Susan Boyle to similarly celebrate Miss Boyles' roots.
Susan’s parents are Irish and a practicing Christian, the West Lothian 48-year-old has sung regularly at Knock Shrine in Co Mayo.

Ger Corrigan lead singer with Corrigan Brothers said: "We are thrilled that the people of Knock Co Mayo discovered her talent long before Simon Cowell ,Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden did and the story must be told.
"Everyone knows that there’s no one as Irish as Susan Boyle".

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  1. I have watched Susan Boyle's performances any number of times. I don't know how many of you out there remember Kate Smith. But you might want to Google her. She and Susan Boyle have a lot in commong: they both had great voices but not great looks and Kate Smith became a super star. Susan Boyle can, too.