Sunday, March 29, 2009

Corrigan Brothers Blog Has Arrived

Here it is Folks , The First entry into the Blogsphere for Corrigan Brothers,this is going to be an outlet for all Corrigan Brother related News.

By way of introduction here is the BIO from ourWebsite.

Born in the rich pastures of North Tipperary and living in Limerick, The Corrigan Brothers were forced to sing for visiting relations from an early age. They did however receive enough therapy to continue a musical career through adulthood. Multi Instrumentalists Gerard, Brian and Donncha Corrigan have individually had varied musical careers. Sharing both a rock and folk pedigree.

The Corrigan Brothers came together four years ago as Hardy Drew and the Nancy boys and came to prominence with a rap in the Irish language called “Cupla Focal” (a few words). In 2008 their Song, "There's no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama" catapulted them to worlwide fame and saw them signed by the music industrys' foremost talent manager Jonathan Shalit of Shalit Global who negotiated a deal with their Label Universal. Charting all over Europe and appearing on every prestigious TV show in Ireland,USA,UK and Eurrope Corrigan Brothers have achieved a brand recognition to be proud of.. Written about In Newsweek , The London Times, Mail and the Washington Post and La Times, Corrigan brothers have made the front pages of much of the Worlds Media. In January they were invited to perform at the Inauguration of President Obama and received an incredible welcome from Washington DC.

Corrigan Brothers have achieved 6 million youtube hits with their first single, an unprecedented achievement in Irish music
Watch This space for all future Corrigan Brother updates as well as live performances and latest news.

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